Ethanol Testing for Hand Sanitizer.

As our global community responds and allocates resources to battle the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Camin Cargo Control is ready and willing to do its part.  Much of the ethanol that was originally intended for use in the fuel market is now being diverted for the purpose of formulating hand sanitizer.  However, in the rush to make the product available to those who desperately need it, some protocols on product purity and safety may have been circumvented allowing some ethanol to enter the consumer marketplace that otherwise would not.  Citing consumer safety concerns, the FDA has recently tightened the limits on the chemicals permitted in alcohol-based hand sanitizer under its temporary policies upon finding unacceptable levels of impurities (e.g. carcinogens, etc.) in ethanol supplies.

Camin Cargo Control is able to assist you in analyzing your product for use in this market under the FDA’s temporary policies.  In addition to our capabilities to test against ASTM Fuel Grade Ethanol, European Fuel Ethanol, and Brazilian Anhydrous Ethanol specifications, Camin Cargo Control can also analyze your product for conformance to United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and Food Chemical Codex (FCC) alcohol specifications.

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Ethanol Testing Locations

Camin Cargo Control is fully operational and ready to help you meet the demands of a changing market place. Our laboratories in Pasadena, TX; Linden, NJ; and Texas City, TX are staffed 24/7 to meet ethanol testing needs for the entire U.S. Let our team connect you with the best location to fit your needs - Please provide contact details below.

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