XCP Tech

Offering the Latest XCP Digital Octane Technology for Octane and Cetane Engine Operation and Automation

Our XCP Engines Measure 0.1 Octane Number Closer to the Mean in Comparison to Legacy Engines Amounting to a Potential Cost Savings of up to $100k per month 


First Testing & Inspection Laboratory to Adopt XCP Automation Technology into its Engine Labs. 

Continues Leading the Industry by Operating the Most Engines in the U.S. Totaling 11 XCP Engines in 8 Labs.

The XCP system incorporates a computer-controlled instrument panel, falling-level carburetors and fully automated controls that remove most of the human-error in operating the engines.

We have compared the data in our Pasadena, TX Engine Lab and seen improvements in both site-precision and Round Robin performance. Site-precision is measured by a daily QC sample that is tested on both the XCP engines and the pair of legacy (manually-controlled) engines. This measure takes into account operator influence, atmospheric conditions and instrument settings.



Our laboratory participates in several Octane Round Robin programs that compare octane results from dozens of labs across the country (including some international labs). Due to the large number of labs participating, the results for the fuels used are considered “known” values, and the closer to the average result, the better. The XCP engines run almost 0.1 ON closer to the mean than the legacy engines.


What does this all mean for you?

Consistent, accurate results that you can depend on to make the best decisions in a volatile market.

From your components, to your preliminary blends to your final tank or export certifications, the results will be the same day after day. It also means getting the most accurate result. You will be assured that we are providing a result as close to the “known” value as possible.   

We couple this technology with our industry leading Engine Operation and Maintenance team. We have skilled operators in each of our labs and several CFR engine specialists capable of maintaining and repairing engines anywhere in our network.

Advanced technology and world-class service means millions in possible savings to your blending operation.

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